Home remedies for Bedwetting (Enuresis)

Home Remedies

It is the involuntary urinary action that normally 5 or 6 years+ children did in the sleeping time. It can be occurred any time in the night or even in the day. This is normally due to reason that child has no nerve control on the process of urination and improper signals from the brain.  After the specific age, normally 6 yrs or 7 yrs, a child has some control on the bladder, but if continues then need to take proper treatment for it or try the natural Home remedies for Bedwetting.


There are hundreds of reasons for bed wetting in the children but some of the most common reasons are as follow:

  • In most of the cases bladder is not fully developed to its appropriate size that can hold the urine produced for longer period of time specifically at night timings.
  • Control on the nerves is slow or immature that can recognize that bladder is full and sent the message in time for urination. Specifically in the case when the child is in deep sleep.
  • One common reason is the hormonal imbalance. Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) is actually controlling the production of urine at the night time and children those who has issue of bed wetting are not producing ADH in an adequate amount.
  • Due to stress factor, some loses the control over nerves that mainly effect the urination system
  • Some of infections in the urinary tract may affect the control of urination. That may be appear in form of bed wetting
  • In early diabetic symptoms in children result in de-controlling of urine, fatigue, thirstiness etc.


After the age of 6 or 7 years, children start wetting the bed. Have no control over urination and feel burning while urination.


Home remedies for bedwettingFor the proper treatment of this disease, take your child for the physical examination. For this urine test is conducted in order to diagnose the infection as well as signs for diabetes. Along with that structural form of the urinary tract and health concerns are also examined. For this x-rays and examining tests of kidney and bladder is conducted. We have discuss more about Med beds. I hope this research is beneficial for you.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting :

For this bedwetting alarms are there to intimate the signs of bed wetting. While in case of adults, medications are suggested that play significant role to activate ADH for the control of urination. One of the side effects of these medications is that these are weight gaining medicines. Commonly it includes Desmopressin, Tofranil, Urotrol etc.

Desmopressin is a synthetic form of ADH that not only controls the production of urine but also help to have control in urination. This hormone is secreted from brain which stimulates the message to bladder to stop the process of urination on bed. Dose is suggested by the doctor depending upon the age and condition of the patient. In children, normally dose is less than 50% significance.

In case of adults, bladder therapies are also suggested along with the medication. But this decision is taken after the complete physical examination of the patient.  And in case of sever conditions like an infection in the urinary tract then surgery is suggested to get relief.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for bedwetting to cure from this problem.