Home Remedies for Flatulence

home remedy for flatulence

It is the condition in which a flatus or gas is expelled out of the anus. Those gases are formed in the large intestine or in the stomach or during bowels. These gases are formed as a result of breakdown of food particles and then transform it into energy. It is very common rather embarrassing action in front of others. It has smell due to presence of sulfur in the content. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for flatulence are listed below:

Flatulence Causes:

Home Remedies for FlatulenceSome of the general causes of gas are as follow:

  • If the air is not burped out, it will pass in to the stomach and then to intestine and finally release from anus as flatus. This air is normally swallowed through hiccups.
  • Some of the food cause gas in the body but it differs from person to person. but the food that has odor may normally produce gas
  • After severe constipation and bloating, gas is very commonly produce from the body
  • Some of the medicines and nutritional supplements may cause bloating and gas.
  • One other reason is the bowel obstruction and diseases related to digestive tract
  • changes in the hormones
  • due to irritable bowel syndrome problem

Flatulence Symptoms:

  • breath shortness
  • chest pain
  • fast heart beat
  • weakness
  • muscle stretchiness

Home Remedies for Flatulence

As such there is not treatment of flatulence but there are some of the preventive measures that keep you safe from excess production of gas in the stomach.

  • intake of excess fluid and water is helpful in this mean
  • proper dietary and drinking pattern is also very effective in all means
  • avoid gas producing food like beans and legumes
  • Most of the vegetables also become the cause of gas like cauliflower, broccoli, peas etc.
  • if you have gas problem avoid to take eggs and dairy products
  • avoid to take excess sugar and sugar substitutes
  • Packed food including lactose, cereals etc.
  • for this take smaller and frequent meals rather to take complete meal at one time
  • regularly do exercise which help to keep the internal system aligned and circulated
  • drink and eat slowly and in pauses so as to digest the food easily and completely
  • In this regard, one of the dietary supplements Beano will help to reduce the production of gas in the body.
  • Probiotic containing food like yogurt is very effective in reducing the gas. Because yogurt contains healthy bacteria which support natural balance of body.
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In terms of medical treatment, gas is produced as a result of abdominal infections or severe abdominal pain. For this a lot of medicines are available that eradicate the problem and keep you healthy in all means. If it is untreated, there are as such no severe problems but can lead to mental issues like depression and eating disorders. So it is better to treat it on time so as to get rid of psychological problems that put negative impact in our lives. This is mostly associated with dietary habits and digestive issues.

Follow the above home remedies for flatulence and get instant relief.

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