Healthful Cinnamon Roll in Just Minutes

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The health benefits of Cinnamon are not hidden from you. It short words, it is just a treasure of health. Keeping in view the health benefits of Cinnamon, here we brought to you the healthful cinnamon rolls which can be ready in just few minutes. This is so easy to make healthful cinnamon roll in just minutes and full of health that you can take it in breakfast as well or you can eat it like a snack.

Amazing Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Healthful Cinnamon Roll in Just MinutesOkay we have praised our cinnamon roll so much already and now it’s time to tell you the secret that how it is made. All you need is to get ready as this food is already ready. Yeah! That’s not a joke. Well let’s start by getting a mug in which you are going to prepare your Cinnamon roll. Put 3 table spoon of almond flour in the mug and then add 1 table spoon of our chief guest Cinnamon powder. Just a pinch of nutmeg is enough to bring you the amazing taste. And yes don’t forget to add a quarter teaspoon of baking powder to make your cake very soft. A pinch of salt will be good to add taste. Mix all the ingredients in the mug with a spoon.

Now take a bowl and put in the bowl one table spoon and then one teaspoon of coconut oil. Add 2 table spoon of maple syrup in the coconut oil and mix it well. And then add one and a half table spoon of coconut milk in the mixture. Stir it well and then put this mixture in the microwave oven for ten seconds only. After ten seconds pour this mixture in the mug where you have mixed the other ingredients already. Mix both the mixtures well with a spoon.

Now take another small bowl and put an egg in it. Add half teaspoon of vanilla extracts and the stir it with a fork till it gets mixed. Add this mixture in the mug and mix all the ingredients with the help of a spoon.

In another cup put 1 tablespoon of hot water and add one tablespoon of coconut milk. Then you need to add one teaspoon of maple syrup and yes you might have some vanilla extract like a quarter teaspoon, if yes then add it too. For the taste you can add a pinch of salt as well. Now mix it with the help of a fork. It will become like a thick paste. If coconut oil is hard i.e. not melted, put this mixture in the microwave oven for 10 seconds to make your work easier. Now put this mixture aside.

Now get the mug where you prepared the mixture and put the mug in the microwave oven for 90 seconds. After that put the mug out of the oven and pour over it the paste you made in the cup. Now this is ready to eat healthful cinnamon roll in just minutes.