Home Remedies for Head Lice

Home Remedies for Head Lice

What is Head Lice

People say that skin problem is a pain in the head. But I guess that head lice are literally a pain, not only the face, but the whole head. Head lice can begin and expand anywhere in the head and it spreads like a fire consuming trees in a forest fire. Head lice occur commonly in children ages 4 to 10 years old.

Symptoms of Head Lice

Home Remedies for Head LiceAt first look, it will be very obvious if the person has lice or not. The major sign is that the person is scratching his head very often and facial grimace is noticed all the time. The hair may be swanked due to continued scratching. To make sure, you can check the person’s scalp and you’ll be able to see small insects crawling along the scalp and hair. When this is confirmed, completely reduce hair contact because the insect can travel through other people. Direct contact should also be placed to a minimum. Stop sharing combs, towels, and hair cosmetics.

If this problem bothers you so much, you can go and try certain home remedies for head lice that are used by almost everyone on the planet. Here are some of these.

Home Remedies for Head Lice

The easiest way to do this is by shaving your child bald, but no patient wants that. So, application of substances on the hair is the alternative. White vinegar is one substance that can be used to get rid of those puny insects. Vinegar is highly acidic and contains anti-septic components that will sure shed off head lice. The problem is that it’ll affect your hair if too much vinegar is used. Make sure that you know how much vinegar is used and its concentration too. Vinegar may be very effective, but overdoing it may create a new problem. For optimal protection, you can get a professional to do it.

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Other than acidic substances, oil-based products are also one potent cure for head lice manifestation. You can either use olive oil or mayonnaise. Any other oil can be effective but these two are the best. Pour in a considerable amount and apply it to the head with emphasis on the scalp. It will slowly shed off the insects and soon, not one is left in the hair. Tee tree oil is found to be used to regenerate sagging and old skin. So, in this case, it can remove head lice as well as improve the skin condition of the person. This bilateral benefit is a straight-through target for head lice removal.

If the first two aren’t really effective on treating heed life, you can go a bit extreme. Purchase several pesticide-free medical-based anti-head lice treatments. LiceOut is the most popular in the United States with its fast-acting formula allowing it to work fully within just a day. HairClean, on the other hand, is a scalp cleanser but can also cure the migration of lice on your hair. There are still no proven side effects of these products but series of young weight loss has been noticed for people abusing PhenObestin. LiceOut and HairClean are purchased seemingly due to increase of head lice count during summer, especially those people on camping and hiking.

With all the home remedies for head lice stipulated in this article, it is good to always remember that head lice should be treated immediately. Even if it doesn’t look really critical and scary, it great affects the mental capacity of the child. Since head lice are parasites, they suck up blood from the person leaving is dry from new ideas. Also, most children with lice experience lower grades due to inability to concentrate. It can be both physical and mental; physical because of the disturbance and routine scratching and Mental because of the sipping of blood.

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