Eating Tulsi leaves can have these 5 side effects!

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We all know tulsi as an herb with loads of benefits. And due to this tulsi plant’s benefits, it grabs the air with the title of – Golden remedy of all time. With its therapeutic advantages, the Tulsi plant has also been considered a peaceful pick of many households. And therefore, we are sure you never know that Tulsi can have some side effects. Shocking. Isn’t it? Well, to clear your mind, we compiled the top side effects that tulsi leaves can have. Read on to know more!

#1: A bad thing for diabetic patients

Is there anybody in your home who is suffering from diabetes? If so, you should note that apart from the tulsi plant benefits, various subjects declare that Tulsi can reduce blood sugar levels. And that is the reason they should not consume anything that contains tulsi. If diabetic patients are already practicing medicine for sugar levels, then the intake of Tulsi leaves may improve the effect and cause the sugar level to drop too low. So, be careful in this case!

#2: Work harshly for pregnant women

Excess of everything is not good, and consuming a particular thing on everything is not good! You might have heard this statement before. But today, you should learn that tulsi leaves can affect the well-being of a pregnant woman and her fetus. Yes, you heard that right! Tulsi plant benefits may suggest consuming it. 

But, in multiple cases, it can lead to failure. Bear in mind that this herb may cause uterine omissions that may be vulnerable. Tulsi may excite the blood flow to the uterus and pelvic region, which can create recessions. However, there is yet not enough data against the effectiveness of tulsi during pregnancy. But specialists recommend women stop eating tulsi to stay on a safer surface.

#3: Impacting male & female fertility

A pretty awful thing has got in the air that might shock you right away. Well, it is about – Tulsi may impact male and female fertility. You might have listened to many experts talking about the certain tulsi plant benefits helping in the same case. But, human studies have yet claimed this analysis led on animals by the NCBI notes that Tulsi damages the fertility of both genders. But, placing yourself and your loved ones’ on a safer side is crucial. Right? 

#4: Causing Damage to Internal Organs

The studies showed that Tulsi decreases sperm number, reduces the stress of generative organs such as testes, adrenal glands, uterus, ovary, and liver. Excess of the Tulsi plant will cause nausea, diarrhea, accelerated heartbeat, and convulsions. 

#5: Conflicting with blood-thinning medicines

Last is the point but not of importance! Aside from the medicinal tulsi plant benefits, it is awful to provoke expansion of the bloodstream. It is a quick home solution for people who do not wish to take antibiotics for the same purpose. But the one who is already taking pills for blood thinning, if they consume Tulsi, it may negatively affect their well-being. So, you should not utilize it while performing anti-clotting medicines.

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure that before reading this post, you might take the tulsi plant as a fantastic herb with no negative effects. But, keep in mind, don’t take everything like that besides tulsi plant benefits – there still exist some side effects. So, be mindful of every case and know everything from prior!

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