The Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Approach to Addiction Recovery

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Alcohol and drug addiction is a health issue, and you or your loved one need a professional staff to maximize the chances of successful treatment. There are many facilities and programs that offer help, but you should consider treatment at a facility such as Ohio Addiction Recovery Center. The Ohio ARC offers a comprehensive approach to treatment for addiction. The following is just an overview of their approach to addiction.  

The program is tailored to your needs

Although there are certainly common issues with addicts, there are also a variety of differences between addicts. For this reason, effective treatment must be customized to the individual. What works for one addict may not be as effective for another. This is true for each step of a program, beginning with the detoxification of your body. Some patients may need a detox program followed by outpatient care. But there are others who will need a residential program because they need to be removed from an environment that helped to create the need for drugs.

They have a detox program

The first step in the road to recovery is to rid your body of the toxins from alcohol and drugs. This can be a physically traumatic time for your body and mind. It is important to have experienced staff to monitor your progress and check for signs that you may need emergency attention. Most people can go through detoxification without being admitted to a hospital, but having a medical staff working around the clock to make sure you are all right is one of the most important parts of detoxification. Some people will go through detox quicker than others, and there are those who will have addictions to more than one chemical. Experienced staff will know what to expect when a patient is withdrawing from a combination of drugs. 

They have an outpatient program 

This is critical. You don’t want to go through detoxification, and then be left dangling in the wind without any help. Recovery is a life long journey, so after you leave the facility, it is important to have a program of support. Sometimes this can be as simple as group therapy. The chance to talk with other recovering addicts and the challenges they are facing each day can be fundamental to continued sobriety.

The entire program is based upon research

There is a large body of work that has been done concerning addiction and recovery. Researchers have discovered a great many things about the nature of addiction, as well as the approached to treatment that is most successful. A comprehensive program looks to use this research in the most effective manner possible. Knowing what works, gives a patient the best chance and a life without drugs and alcohol.

Recovery is based upon the 12-step concept

Alcoholics Anonymous was started back in the 1930s and has helped an uncounted number of people lead a sober life. This 12-step idea has been extended to other chemical addictions such as narcotics. Because it has been so successful, it is foolish to ignore it. For this reason, recovering addicts need to go through a step by step process where their progress is measured, and they begin to take control over their lives.

There is a focus on health

One of the biggest issues with recovering from drug addiction is that your body is not in optimum shape. Ravaged by drugs and alcohol, it is important to begin to eat right. Nutrition is an often overlooked aspect of drug treatments, but it is embraced with a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. Exercise is also an important aspect of health. You will be taught how to achieve a healthy body. This leads to a healthier mind, and you will be mentally prepared to take on the challenge of a life long road of recovery. 

You will be taught important life skills

So often, people fall back into drugs and alcohol because it is used as a solution to life’s problems. However, if you have the ability to handle the stress that life can throw on your shoulders, you are less likely to turn to alcohol and drugs. Sometimes meditation can be a great way to relieve stress. Yoga is sometimes found in rehabilitation centers because it combines simple exercises that also work to relieve mental stress. 

Ohio ARC represents a New approach in treating the disease of addiction. Beginning with a diagnosis of the problem, you or your loved one will have a customized treatment program that will give you or a loved one the best chance at recovery. 

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