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How to Get Rid of a Hickey

What is Hickey Hickeys are actually bruised that can result after sucking skin, maybe you were out with your sweetheart or boyfriend the previous evening; things got fun. You woke up in the morning to get prepared for work, school, the family brunch, and while brushing your teeth you gaze upward in the mirror and …

protect skin with lotion

Winter is a time for snuggling inside, drinking hot chocolate, and getting cozy by the fire – basically, you get to hibernate for four months. While there are some fun aspects to the cooler temperatures, the effects it can have on your skin isn’t one of them.  And the extreme dryness and severe cold temperatures …

Tips to Detox your Body Naturally

Our bodies are exposed to a high volume of toxins through the air, water, medicines, food, and other factors. Needless to say, with the highly toxic environment that we live in, it is important to give your body a detox from time to time. Detoxification is about resetting your body, cleansing, and nourishing it all …

Building Better Mental & Emotional Health

Stress does not come from outside, in fact, it is all in our mind. Nothing affects us until we give it the power to affect us in ways we cannot describe. Our inner peace of mind is extremely sensitive that it gets hindered by little things in life. Running late for a meeting and stuck …

Home Remedies for Longer Eyelashes

Having thin eyelashes is a very common problem, and many of you are sure to get rid of scanty growth of eyelashes. These home remedies for longer eyelashes that would surely work for you to get thicker and longer eyelashes. Natural Remedies for Longer Eyelashes Castor oil is a very good nourishing ingredient that you …

How to get rid of Dark circles

A Charming face bearing dark circles loses its attraction altogether. These dark coloured marks  below the eyes are formed because of several different causes. Genetic endowment is known to be the basic cause of it. Moreover it is believed that mostly people who are not physically fit can be judged by this symbol. Home remedies for dark …