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weekly meal plan

Every day in your life gives you the healthy choices, and one of them is your choice of meal. It’s a fantastic idea to plan your meal ahead of time. It may bring something positive changes in your health and lifestyle as well. Now the only question that’s a hurdle between you and the diet …

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

You might have loved to taste the chicken wings to dip in buffalo sauce but let’s try something new and equally tasty this time. And our readers who avoids non-veg, this snack is especially for you guys. It’s very easy to make but still very delicious. The best thing about these Cauliflower Buffalo wings is …

Healthful Cinnamon Roll in Just Minutes

The health benefits of Cinnamon are not hidden from you. It short words, it is just a treasure of health. Keeping in view the health benefits of Cinnamon, here we brought to you the healthful cinnamon rolls which can be ready in just few minutes. This is so easy to make healthful cinnamon roll in …

Matcha Chia Pudding recipes

To be healthy you need a good healthy food. Here we came up with a new meal for you i.e. Mactha Chia Pudding which is not just full of energy but it’s a treasure of fiber and antioxidants. You must have this food once a week at least. This food has amazing symphony of Mactha, …