Home Remedies for Bladder Infection

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What is Bladder Infection?

Bladder infection – like many others – is a bacterial disease. When the bacteria starts growing in your bladder or urethra, it causes infection and then you feel pain in your pubic area. Passing urine becomes a painful job as you feel pain and burning while urinating. Though this disease can affect all the humans of any age but women are more prone to bladder infection rather than man. Here you can find the natural home remedies for bladder infection.

Causes of Bladder Infection

Home Remedies for Bladder InfectionAs mentioned above, growing bacteria in bladder and urethra is the main reason behind bladder infection. There are other things which stimulate this growth of bacteria in bladder. The common causes of bladder infection are excess use of alcohol, citrus fruits and sweets. So if you feel the pain while urinating then the very first step is to quit alcohol, citrus fruits and excess use of sugar till you get relief.

There’s a habit which is often found in office going persons especially in women that they keep the urine in bladder and don’t urinate even when they feel the urge. When urine stays in bladder, bacteria starts growing and if you keep it there, bacteria will be strong enough to stay in bladder even when you urinate and you will be then prone to bladder infection.

Home Remedies for Bladder Infection

If you feel pain while urinating and you have strong doubts that you are suffering from bladder infection then here are some home remedies for bladder infection mentioned below:

Drink Enough Water to Get Rid of Bladder Infection

Drinking water is best home remedy for bladder infection. Whether you tread Bladder infection at home or go to some doctor, the very first thing that you will be asked for is to drink as much water as you can. It will not only try to kick the bacteria out of your bladder or urethra but it will also help in diluting the urine so you may feel lesser pain while urinating. It will have some instant effect. You will observe the change in the color of your urine if you will drink enough water. Lighter color means less acidic urine and hence lesser pain and burning.

Empty Bladder Frequently

The other cause of bladder infection can be stopping yourself from urinating. If you hold urine in your bladder for a longer period, bacteria starts growing there and can cause infection. So when you get infection, instantly change this habit and keep you bladder empty by urinating frequently. And if you will be drinking enough water to treat bladder infection then it will be a must act to do.

Heating Bladder to Soothe

For the instant relief, you can apply heat to your bladder by placing some heating pads or warm towel to your abdominal and pubic area of your body. It will calm down the pain to a good level and you will feel relief. Don’t apply heat directly to your skin or don’t try to intake any anti-inflammatory medicine. It may worse the situation.

How to Get rid of Bladder Infection with Antibiotic & Pain Killers

Use antibiotics as home remedies for bladder infection. As it’s a bacterial disease, antibiotic can be very effective. But it takes time to kill the bacteria and to eliminate infection it can take a couple of days. While the antibiotic is doing its job, you can take some pain killers like ibuprofen to give you instant and timely relief.

Precautionary Measures

It is often said that precaution is better than actual treatment. So when you get bladder infection, you should take some precautionary measure to stop it from spreading further. Some of important precautionary measures can be:

  • Change your diet. Don’t intake anything which can make your urine more acidic. Alcohol, caffeine, the hot and spicy foods, sweets and soft drinks like coke can make your urine denser and darker which will cause more irritation and hence more pain.
  • While you are suffering from Bladder infection, wear loose clothes so the skin me breath easily. Don’t wear underwear and if you do, make sure it’s cotton made. Tight clothes can moisturize the pubic area which will allow the bacteria to grow more and the infection may get worse. Try to keep your skin of pubic area dry to stop bacteria from growing more.

So these were some of the home remedies for bladder infection which can heal you and give you relief.