Home Remedies for Back Pain

home remedies for back pain

Backache/Back pain

It is the one of the most common complaint that affects the lives of almost every person. People feel pain, stiffness and tension in the back and especially lower back of the body. It is normally due to bad posture adopted for sitting, laying, standing, and lifting or in bending. It varies from person to person depending upon the region involved from neck area, cervical to the lower back hip bone.

Most of the experts are of the view that it is strongly associated with pain in bones, muscles or ligaments of the joints. Pain in the lower back is connected with muscles, nerves and abnormality in the location of spine and vertebrae. While in the upper region is associated with disorder of aorta or tumors in the chest or inflammatory action in spine. Following are the causes, symptoms and home remedies for back pain.

Back Pain Causes

One of the main reasons for having the back pain is weak immune system.

home remedies for back pain

  • Repeatedly heavy lifting or awkward movement put strain on the ligaments, bones, tendons, muscles and bones. That will cause constant and painful muscular spasms.
  • Poor physical conditions and wrong posture also put constant strain on the back that will cause back ache
  • In some cases cushions lying in between the internal vertebrae that is supporting disks are damaged or ruptured. The actual position or condition is cleared after spine x-rays.
  • In case of osteoarthritis, the space around the spinal cord gets tapered, known as Spinal Stenosis.
  • Sometimes, bones get porous and brittle, so there are chances that spines get fractured. This is the condition of osteoporosis.
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Back Pain Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms is reflected from the name that pains in the back while other signs and symptoms are as follow:

  • Muscular pain
  • Loss of weight
  • Pain goes down to the legs
  • Unable to stand up straight
  • Face difficulty in urination
  • lack of feeling and sensation around the buttocks
  • loss of control on bowel

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Most of the backaches get relieved after continuous rest, cessation and also there are some home remedies for back pain. In this regard numerous over the counter medicines are suggested that mainly comprised of pain killers like Tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen. But try to avoid it over usage that causes serious side effects. In case of severe pain, it is strictly instructed that stop light activities like walking and daily activities.

Similarly physical therapies are suggested that ensure the tranquil movement. In this context, heating, ultrasonic treatments, electrical stimulations and muscle release techniques are suggested that help to reduce the backache. Regular therapies help to increase the flexibility plus strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. This will help to improve the posture.

One other common recommended remedy is the cortisone injections that help to lower down the inflammatory feeling around the nerve roots. But the actual backache will rectify in few months. This injection is injected near the joints thus allow flexibility.

The last option is the surgery, which removes the problem of nerve compression that weakens the muscles. But after this intensive therapies are required to ensure frequent and easy movements.

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