Are There Dangerous Ingredients In E-Liquid?

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From the past decades E-liquid’s demand is increasing dramatically. The instant relaxing effect it provides is the main reason behind this demand. People who want to quit their habit of excessive smoking are now using this E-liquid as an alternative. Now you may ask what this E-liquid contains. Is it safe to consume? Well if you are the one who has these questions you are at the right place. E-liquid also known as vape juice that people consume through an electronic device known as E-cigarette. There is a stereotype about this E-juice. Some people think there are so many dangerous and addictive ingredients used to prepare E-liquid. Is it really true? Are these ingredients really dangerous to consume? Well to find out the exact answer we have to know what are the primary ingredients used while preparing E-Liquid. So, let’s find out.


Propylene Glycol- This is an absolutely safe ingredient that is being used to prepare the best e liquid UK. Though some people think it’s the antifreeze properties that keep E-liquid safe and preserved for months. But it’s not true. It’s the propylene Glycol that most companies use so that the liquid can remain preserved for a long usage. The toxicity of this ingredient is very less if you compare it with any other antifreeze ingredients.


Vegetable Glycerine- We all know about the aids we get by using glycerine. You can consider vegetable glycerine a natural resource as this glycerine has been prepared using coconut oil. This has no harmful effects on our health. Rather we could say it takes care of the hydration part of a human body.


Water- There is always a significant amount of water used in preparing e-liquid. Without water any company won’t be able to prepare E-juice. So yes water is another safe-sided ingredient of E-juice.

Fruit extracts- There are different and absolutely delicious flavours of E-liquids available such as strawberry, blueberry, orange, cherry, green apples and more. There are some authentic suppliers that use fruit extracts according to the demands of flavours.


Nicotine- Here comes the big question. A lot of people ask whether E-juice contains Nicotine or not. If you also have this question on your mind then here is the answer. Some E-liquids do contain a very minimum amount of nicotine. Also the amount of nicotine could be increased or decreased according to the criteria of the consumer. But there are also E-liquids available with zero amount of Nicotine. If you want to consume E-liquid without harming your health, these Nicotine-free E-liquids are here to freshen up your mind.


Thus to conclude E-liquid has dangerous ingredients is a myth and nothing else. But ensure you buy from a reliable company to avoid every associated risk factor.