15 Foods For Weight Loss

15 Foods For Weight Loss

Being physically fit means having a body weight in the normal healthy range for your height. Obesity or being overweight increases the risk of developing man diseases at a very young age. Main factors causing obesity includes the food that you eat. It is common practice nowadays to consume a lot of junk food along with unhealthy carbonated drinks. Even kids prefer to eat unhealthy junk food instead of healthy home-made food. This is resulting in the early onset of obesity in children and many associated diseases like hypertension, diabetes which previously commonly developed in adults or old age people. All this junk food and other outside food is not at all healthy and nutritious, it just makes you carve for more food and you end up gaining weight which will pose you to certain ill health effects. If you want to lose weight in real then follow the below 15 foods for weight loss. It may help you reduce weight quickly.

Role Of Food In Losing Weight

Food alone is the key component for losing extra pounds. If you increase your physical activity with no modification in the diet than weight loss is not possible. However, if you try to lose weight only by making changes in your diet by eating weight loss foods without doing much exercise it is possible to shed some pounds though it does take a longer time. For healthy weight loss, you have to make a negative calorie balance that is you have to burn more calories than to consume. Studies have shown weight loss to be a combination of two things in which 80% goal is achieved by diet modifications or restrictions and 20% by physical activity including exercise. You have to make a deficit of approximately 3500 calories daily to shed a single pound. You can do this either by doing both decrease intake and increased burning or only by decreased intake. Like if you cut your calorie intake by 3000 calories and burns almost 750 calories it will give you total 3750 calories which are close to the daily cut off value for weight loss. Either way, you can directly cut down 3500 calories from your food which will be an easy option for those who can’t manage to have an intense workout for burning fat.

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15 Foods For Weight Loss

15 Foods For Weight LossYou have to make sure about the calories you are taking in by different foods if you are planning for weight. Getting the right amount of calories is the key component in losing weight. By knowing the number of calories, you are taking in you can decide how much calories you need to burn.

Since excessive body weight can cause lot of diseases like. Therefore; Sometimes in our homes dads struggle to lose those extra pounds as they get older, in order to get rid of the obesity, older individuals need to practice some weight losing exercise. Along with this,

You can try these 15 foods for weight loss.


Once eggs considered a source of raising blood cholesterol but recent studies have shown this a false statement. Instead, eggs are one of the best weight loss foods and are a rich source of proteins and many other nutrients essential for your body. Having eggs in breakfast will give you whole nutrition required on a calorie restricted diet with the added benefit of feeling you satiated for many hours. Eggs are one of the low calorie and nutrition dense foods.


These include spinach, kale, collards and many others. These green leaves are rich in many nutrients and also have fewer calories. They also have little carbs which is a single source of gaining weight and are loaded with fibre which again is best as weight loss food. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can have a large volume of green leafy vegetable with lesser calories.

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3.    SALMON

Salmon (oily fish) and other seafood including fish, prawns are packed with proteins, good fats and other important nutrients. Iodine rich sources provide your body with the required amount of iodine for normal functioning of the thyroid which helps in metabolism. This also keeps you feeling satiated with lesser calories. Oily fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is good for health and keeps you protected from many diseases. Other oily fishes include trout, sardines mackerel which are also good as weight loss food.


These include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts. Packed with fibre, proteins are a good source to be added in the diet of losing weight. They also make you feel full for many hours keeping you away from eating.


It is a common thought of considering meat as a source of many health problems. But unprocessed meat is not harmful instead meat is a rich source of protein which is helpful in boosting metabolism and limit your food cravings. With a low carb diet, you can have little fatty meat. But if you are on moderate carbohydrate diet lean meat is preferred.


Potatoes are rich in nutrition and are also a good source of potassium. They are on the top of satiety index which means if you consume boiled potatoes it’ll make you feel fuller for longer than other foods. So it is also one of the best weight loss foods.

7.    TUNA

Tuna is another protein-rich low calories food. It is a lean fish which is good as weight loss food giving you optimum energy at lower calories. It is recommended that you buy tuna canned in water instead of oil.

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These include black beans, lentils, kidney beans etc. high in protein and fibre leading to satiety.

9.    SOUPS

Foods with low energy density tend to give fewer calories. One example of low energy density food is that which contains more amount of water such as vegetables and fruits. Also, you can make soup of any vegetable.


It is rich in proteins with very little fat and carbohydrate and also contains a good amount of calcium. Both these aids in the fat burning process and makes you feel satiated.


It is unique fruits which contain healthy fats particularly monosaturated oleic acid which is the same type as in olive oil. They are good to consume for weight loss.

12.  NUTS

For healthy weight loss, it is important to have some nuts daily as they contain balanced proportions of proteins, fibre and good fats. They tend to improve metabolism and cause weight loss.


These contain a substance called capsaicin which reduces appetite and increase metabolism helping in weight loss.


Fruits are again from the class of low-density food. Consuming fruits gives you balanced nutrition and helps in weight loss.


It is high in medium chain fatty acids which boosts metabolism and makes you feel satiated. So, consuming coconut oil also helps in weight loss.

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