Home Remedies for Boosting Your Metabolism

Home Remedies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that over a third of all American adults are obese, which is closely related to heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, which in turn are the leading causes of preventable death. Fasting, going on a liquid diet temporarily and adopting a sound Mediterranean style diet as a rule will go a long way towards keeping you at a healthy weight, but did you know that there are many steps you can take to boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss?

Healthy, Inexpensive Home Remedies for Daily Use

Research carried out at the University of Geneva has shown that specific foods and beverages can raise the metabolic rate and speed up fat oxidation; try to drink two to four cups a day, using around a teaspoon and a half of green tea leaves for every cup of water. Allow the tea to steep for around five minutes, and sweeten with stevia or raw honey if required.

Ginger, which increases the sense of satiety, is another powerful metabolism booster that has thermogenic properties (meaning that when it is consumed, it can slightly increase body temperature). Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed ginger to your tea, bearing in mind it takes a little longer to steep (around 15 minutes).

If you love cool fruit juices, try a shot of 100% fresh ginger juice; you’ll love the zing and energy it gives you.

Another food that has a powerful effect on thermogenesis is cayenne; just add a little powder to your daily meals or take it as a supplement if you are not into spicy foods.

The Importance of Exercise and Muscle Building

Boosting our metabolism isn’t just about what we eat; it also involves exercising every day, performing a blend of cardiovascular and strength training exercises. At rest, a pound of muscle burns 250% more calories than a pound of fat, while exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training, will keep your metabolic rate going, hours after your workout has finished.

Cold Induced Thermogenesis

To promote thermogenesis (a rise in body temperature, as mentioned above), try putting your body in a cold environment, to encourage your metabolism to work harder. Go for a cool swim, give cryotherapy a try, or enjoy contrast showers daily.

Water is Life

Research has shown that drinking 16 ounces of water temporarily boosts the metabolism by around 30%. By drinking around six more glasses of water a day, you will encourage your body to burn more calories. Give your body an extra reason to work harder to heat up by ensuring the water is ice-cold.

While supplementation to replace items such as green tea or cayenne are available, there is no need to go into a store to purchase items that will boost your metabolism. Ensure you exercise daily, follow a sound diet, and include a few homemade remedies that will enable your body to increase its metabolic rate gently and naturally.